What is Pay By Bank?

Pay By Bank or Open Banking allows you to securely collect money from a customer in an irrevocable manner

💡PayBy Bank means Bank to Bank Transfer

Pay by Bank, an innovative feature that offers many advantages

For merchants

  • Data entry errors are impossible, thanks to the control of beneficiary bank details and purchase references;
  • The risk of losing customers is reduced;
  • The payment limits are higher than those for bank cards;
  • The expiration of the bank card is no longer a constraint;
  • The transfer is irrevocable, theclients cannot contest the transfer
  • The collection is fully secured.
  • It improves the accounting and reconciliation of transfers.

Benefits for the user

  • 😀 Improve the user experience: The consumer does not need to leave the payment page to make the transfer;
  • ⌚ Time saving: The user no longer has to add the payee of the payment
  • 🚀 All information is pre-filled

Speed and security of the transaction:  

4 steps to be performed during the payment process:

  • 🏦Selecting your bank
  • 🙋Sign in to your banking space
  • 🔐Requesting authorization from one's banking application with strong authentication 
  • ✅Verification of payment acceptance