Refunding a transaction

How do I pay back a transaction on the customer area and the application?

When making transactions you may have to refund your customers. Let's see together the procedure to follow in this case on your customer area and on the mobile application.


On your customer area : 


Step 1: Login to your customer area and go to Payments>Transactions. Then move your mouse over the desired transaction. A small nut will appear on the right side of the transaction line, click on it and then click on "refund transaction".



Step 2: A window will appear asking you to indicate a reason for the refund and to choose the amount of the refund.

2022-04-06 (1)


Step 3: When you validate the refund an icon will appear next to the transaction status indicating that the refund has been processed.

2022-04-06 (2)



On the mobile app: 


Step 1: Log into your application and go to the menu (top right) and select Transactions. Then click on the transaction you wish to refund.


Step 2: You will arrive on the transaction page, at the bottom of this page you will find a "refund" button. Click on it and confirm the partial or total refund of the transaction.

       IMG_8945      IMG_8946


ÉStep 3: When you confirm the refund, the status of the transaction changes from "successful" to "refunded" indicating that the refund has been processed.


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