Why are my documents refused?

Illegible, expired, incorrect type, incorrect recipient, pending, duplicate documents

  • ❌ Illegible: the document provided is incomplete or our KYC experts are unable to decipher it because the quality is insufficient
  • ✋Document type not automatically processable: the document provided must be manually validated (e.g., company bylaws)
  • 📁Expected document not detected by the computer: make sure the document is the one you were asked for, that it is sharp and that the background is neutral
  • ⚠️Type incorrect: the document was imported in the wrong field
  • ⚠️Nom incorrect: the name on the document does not match the name of the payment account holder
  • 😓File too large: the file size is larger than 4 MB and it cannot be processed automatically
  • ❌ Automatic checks fail: document must be checked manually
  • 🎭Recto and back required in the same document: only one side of an ID was imported into a field


First of all, please connect to your Easytransac customer area on your computer, go to the "My account/My documents" section. To the right of each document you will find an indicator:

If the icon indicates a refusal you will find the explanation of the refusal below the document, as in the example below: