What is PSD2?

The standard for secure payments


💡The DSP2 applies since May 15, 2018 to all online purchases from 30 euros. It allows to fight against bank card fraud which are, with the development of e-commerce, more and more frequent.

This is the new Payment Services Directive, which allows for a move towards greater security, openness and competitiveness on a European scale for online purchases.

In particular, it specifies the implementation of the SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and adds an additional level of security for any purchase on the Internet.

More information is now required and the 3DSecure 2 authentication tool becomes systematic.

Shoppers' banks now offer their customers the option of choosing two of several personal factors to validate their identity at checkout. And the choice of different combinations continues to grow in order to provide better experiences for shoppers.


Although the SCA is mandatory, there are several cases of use that may be subject to an exemption request from your buyer, depending on the transaction.

  • Transactions for an amount of less than 30 euros
  • Low-risk transactions (level of risk assessed based on the average fraud rate at the card issuer and at the acquirer processing the transaction)
  • Subscriptions and recurring transactions, provided the amount is constant. Only the initial transaction requires an SCA procedure. If the amount is changed, authentication via 3DSecure will be required at each change.
  • Inter-regional transactions: payments from buyers outside Europe will not be a problem
  • Business card payments.

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