What countries are available?

List of countries authorized, conditionally authorized or refused by Easytransac.

EasyTransac is actively working on integrating new countries in order to offer you the most possibilities.

Currently we accept credit cards from the following countries:

Full name Country code Allowed countries
by default
Authorized countries
with conditions
Denied countries
United Arab Emirates ARE ARE    
Argentina ARG ARG    
Armenia ARM      
Australia AUS AUS    
Austria AUT AUT    
Belgium BEL BEL    
Bangladesh BGR BGR    
Bahrain BHR      
Belarus BLR     BLR
Bermuda BMU      
Brazil BRA BRA    
Central African Republic CAF   CAF  
Canada CAN CAN    
Cuba CUB     CUB
Switzerland CHE CHE    
Chile CHL CHL    
China CHN CHN    
Cameroon RMC RMC    
Congo COG   COG  
Colombia COL      
Costa Rica CRI CRI    
Caiman Islands CYM      
Cyprus CYP CYP    
Czech Republic CZE CZE    
Germany DEU DEU    
Denmark DNK DNK    
Dominican Rep. Dominican Republic DOM DOM    
Ecuador ECU      
Egypt EGY      
Spain ESP ESP    
Estonia EAST EAST    
Finland END END    
France FRA FRA    
United Kingdom GBR GBR    
Guinea GIN   GIN  
Guadeloupe GLP GLP    
Greece GRC GRC    
Guatemala GTM      
Hong Kong HKG HKG    
Croatia HRV HRV    
Indonesia IDN      
India IND IND    
Iran IRN     IRN
Ireland IRL IRL    
Iraq IRQ   IRQ  
Iceland ISL ISL    
Israel SRI SRI    
Italy ITA ITA    
Jamaica JAM JAM    
Jordan JOR JOR    
Japan JPN JPN    
Kazakhstan KAZ      
North Korea KOR     KOR
South Korea KOR      
Kuwait KWT      
Lebanon LBN   LBN  
Libya LBY   LBY  
Saint Lucia ACL      
Lithuania LTU LTU    
Luxembourg LUX LUX    
Latvia LVA      
Madagascar MDG MDG    
Mexico MEX MEX    
Malta MLT MLT    
Burma MMR   MMR  
Malaysia MYS MYS    
Nigeria NGA      
Netherlands NLD NLD    
Norway NOR NOR    
New Zealand NZL NZL    
Oman OMN OMN    
Pakistan PAK      
Panama PAN      
Peru PER      
Philippines PHL PHL    
Poland POL POL    
Puerto Rico PRI PRI    
Portugal PRT PRT    
Paraguay PRY PRY    
Qatar QAT QAT    
Romania ROM ROM    
Russia (including Crimea) RUS     RUS
Saudi Arabia UAA UAA    
Sudan SDN   SDN  
Senegal SEN SEN    
Singapore SGP SGP    
Somalia SOM   SOM  
Serbia SRB      
South Sudan SSD   SSD  
Sweden SWE SWE    
Syria SYR     SYR
Thailand THA THA    
Tajikistan TJK      
Turkey TUR TUR    
Taiwan TWN TWN    
Ukraine UKR     UKR
Uruguay URY URY    
United States USA USA    
Uzbekistan UZB      
Venezuela FRI   FRI  
Vietnam VNM VNM    
Yemen YEM   YEM  
South Africa ZAF ZAF    
Zimbabwe ZEM   ZEM  


To a certain extent we are able to make exceptions to this list for specific activities and under conditions of flow volumes justifying these exceptions. For more information, please contact us.