What are the conditions to cash in with Easytransac?

Cashing out with our system requires meeting several criteria that will be given in this article.

EasyTransac is a credit card payment service dedicated to professionals. To use Easytransac, it is imperative to have a SIRET number or to have the document establishing the request for a registration of your company. Some activities are however controlled, subject to conditions or prohibited.

Consult the list of prohibited/restricted activities here

To cash out with EasyTransac, you must have a completed EasyTransac account that has been validated by our compliance team.

Consult the different steps of the accounts to respect here

You can start cashing out before you send us your documents, but the money can only be disbursed once you have sent us all the requested information. If you wish to cash out using our application, you must also have a compatible smartphone and an internet connection.

We support Android 5.0 and above and iOS 10 and above.