QR Code in the e-commerce payment button functionality, how to use it?

What is the purpose of the QR code functionality in the e-commerce payment button. How to use it in a local shop? What is the difference with the QR code on the mobile application?

The QR code functionality in the e-commerce payment button allows you to bridge the gap between an online and physical product/service, and thus deliver a seamless proximity service without the need for a checkout. This is what we call a Phygital functionality.

The main difference with the QR code functionality available on the application is that your presence is no longer necessary during the collection and that the QR code is functional in unlimited or in the limit of the payments that you will have indicated

The consumer scans the QR code, pays for his order and gets it back. 

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Examples of use cases: 

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Catering order online and on site:

  1. Online, the restaurant uses e-commerce payment buttons to collect
  2. On the spot, the restaurant generates the QRCode associated with the payment buttons for ordering and paying for their dishes. There is no more checkout.

Commerce without an e-commerce site: 

printing QR codes for direct purchase of their products or services at their points of sale without going to the cashier.

E-commerce :

For e-merchants, the possibility of cashing in physically if the opportunity arises. For example during real and ephemeral stores, during fairs, events...

Benefits: Two functionalities in one unified process for your online and offline sales.

  • You only have to create the product once.
  • Reduced queuing and checkout times,
  • Streamlining of the purchasing process
  • Increase in sales

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