Why did my transaction fail?

It is possible that a payment may be declined for various reasons. Unfortunately, we are subject to the decisions of the banks and do not have control over these denials and the details provided.

If one of your transactions fails, it will be available in the Payment > Transactions section. Its status will be displayed in red with the mention "Failed". You will be able to find the details of the failure by moving your mouse over the small exclamation mark located below the status of the transaction.


Blocking a payment can happen for various reasons such as: 

  • Blocking by your bank's security (authorization refused/suspicion of fraud) : this error occurs in the majority of cases. The reasons can be very varied and vary according to the bank.
  • 3DSecure not finalized: your customer has not validated his bank authentication on his phone.

You can find a guide to 3DSecure validation by clicking here.

  • Insufficient funds or overdraft: Your client's account does not have the necessary funds to complete the transaction.
  • Transaction not allowed for this cardholder : the card used does not allow online payments.
  • Card limit reached : the maximum monthly spending threshold of the card is reached. 


How to allow your customers to pay you? 

To unblock the situation, your customers may need to contact their bank (specifically on large amounts) to unblock the situation. We are limited on the information regarding the denial, your customer's bank will be able to provide more details on why the transaction was denied.


Here are 3 things to check with their bank:

  • Do they have the necessary funds in their bank account?
  • What is their payment limit?
  • Is there a block set up by the bank because the transaction is unusual?