What does the "LW Easytransac" account line correspond to on my bank statement?

Have you noticed that "lw easytransac" appears on your bank statement? No need to panic!

You have probably made a purchase from one of the merchants who use our solution.

Easytransac is a payment solution, and allows your merchant or e-commerce site to make all the payments of its customers in a simple, fast and secure way. Our module is integrated directly on the e-commerce site or on the phone of your merchant. Thanks to our application, the merchant transforms his phone into a TPE (mobile payment terminal) and thus facilitates your purchase, which will be named "lw easytransac" on your account statement.

"lw easytransac" simply means that your merchant uses our solution to facilitate his activity.

If you would like to know the merchant who initiated this transaction, please fill out this form by clicking here.