How do I collect by SEPA Direct Debit?

Demo of SEPA direct debit collection on your Easytransac space

Your Easytransac customer area offers you several collection methods. Today, we will focus on the SEPA direct debit collection method.

The SEPA direct debit is particularly suitable for your recurring payments.

To reduce the risk of non-payment Easytransac sets up a guarantee of 14 days as from the date of the last realized SEPA direct debit. This guarantee applies only to your SEPA direct debit.


Step 1: Log in to your Easytransac space and go to the Cash in section in the Payments section. Select payment by SEPA direct debit among the 3 available methods. Fill in the different fields and choose your sending method.

Capture sepa 1 sample

Capture sepa 2 collection


Step 2: Your SEPA direct debit will then appear in the remote payment section and then in the Transaction section when it is completed.

Capture sepa 3 sample


Procedure for your client: 

Step 1: Your customer fills in the payment page by entering his IBAN and BIC



Step 2: A SEPA Direct Debit mandate is generated and your customer must sign it.

Sepa 4 sample capture


Step 3: Your customer enters the code that was sent to him/her by text message and signs the document online.

Capture sepa 5 sample


Step 4: Your SEPA Direct Debit is created. Your customer has the possibility to download it.

Capture sepa 6 sample


Cash in now!



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