How to collect by payment link?

Demo of the payment link collection on the Easytransac mobile application.

The Easytransac mobile application offers you several methods of collection. Today, we will focus on the payment link collection method.

⚠️Exemple remote payment demo by e-mail

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Step 1: Login to the Easytransac application.

Step 2: Click on "Touch to Cash" and then choose the amount of the transaction.

            IMG_8894       IMG_8895


Step 3: Choose your collection method. You have several options to choose from depending on your collection needs.



Step 4: Complete your customer's information.

You have the possibility to take information from your previous transactions or from your contacts by clicking on "choose a contact".

IMG_8904         IMG_8905


Step 5: Validate the summary of the transaction.



Step 7: Confirmation of the shipment.



NB: when your customer will pay you, he will need to validate a 3DSecure via his banking application or by a link that will be sent to him by his bank by sms.


Example of payment links by email and sms:

IMG_8451        IMG_8453


Example of the payment page: 


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