How to collect by credit card (direct debit and payment links)

Demo of credit card collection on your Easytransac customer area

Your Easytransac customer area offers you several methods of payment. Today, we are going to concentrate on the method of collection by bank card.


Step 1: Log in to your Easytransac space and go to the Cash in section in the Payments section. Select the payment by credit card among the 3 available methods.

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Step 2: Fill in the form with your transaction amount, customer information and order information (optional). When you make a transaction, several options are available such as payment in installments, subscription, deposit, demo mode or the possibility to download an invoice. Finally, choose among the 3 shipping methods available.

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Step 3: Cashing out through your browser allows you to open a payment page in order to cash out your customer in person or in MOTO (with the customer by phone).

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Step 3 bis : the collection by email or sms which allows you to send a payment link to your customer. You have the choice between sending the link immediately or scheduling a deferred payment by choosing a date that suits you.

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The links of sent payments can be found in the "remote payments" section. You can view their status at any time.

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