How to cash in with NFC (contactless)

Demo of NFC payment on the Easytransac mobile application.

The Easytransac mobile application offers you several methods of payment. Today, we will focus on the NFC payment method.

NFC video demo (contactless payment)

NB: The video is in demonstration mode, activate the real mode to be able to cash in

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Step 1: Login to the Easytransac application.

Step 2: Click on "Touch to cash" and then choose the amount of the transaction.

            IMG_8894       IMG_8895


Step 3: Choose your collection method. You have several options to choose from depending on your collection needs.



Step 4: swipe your customer's card on the back of your phone.

Tip NFC :

When the card is detected, a first vibration occurs. 

Do not remove the CB until the next step. 

*If no vibration move the card on the tel to find the reading point. 



Step 5: Ask your customer to validate their CVC (crypto) number on the application. 

Requesting the CVC (crypto) number from the customer allows you to make transactions beyond the €50 limit.


Step 6: Complete your customer's information.

You have the possibility to take information from your previous transactions or from your contacts by clicking on "choose a contact".


Step 7: Validate the summary of the transaction.



Step 8: Your customer must validate a 3DSecure via his banking application or by a code received by sms.

Step 9: The transaction is validated 😀




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