How to make a manual collection?

Demo of manual collection on the Easytransac mobile application.

The Easytransac mobile application offers you several methods of collection. Today, we will focus on the manual collection method.

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Step 1: Login to the Easytransac application.

Step 2: Click on "Touch to cash" and then choose the amount of the transaction.

            IMG_8894        IMG_8895



Step 3: Choose your collection method. You have several options to choose from depending on your collection needs.



Step 4: Fill in your banking information and your customer information.

You have the possibility to take information from your previous transactions or from your contacts by clicking on "choose a contact".

IMG_8897       IMG_8898


Step 5: Validate the summary of the transaction.



Step 6: Your customer must validate a 3DSecure via his banking application or by a code received by sms.

Step 7: the transaction is validated 😀



Cash in now!