How to integrate the Easytransac online payment plugin on Magento Commerce?

Install in a few clicks your payment module on your Magento Commerce website. No code, no subscription, no commitment. Try it out!

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  1. Install the Easytransac module if you don't already have it and activate it on your Magento site.
  2. Create an account on and go to the E-Commerce section where you can create an Application.
    From the Application creation page, you can choose the name of the application that will allow you to filter your future transactions.
  3. Copy and paste the API key from the application page on EasyTransac into the EasyTransac for Magento module configuration.
  4. The Test (or Demo) application type means that the payments are not real, the Live (or Real) type indicates that the payments are really made in the bank. If you have little or no experience, we strongly advise you to start with a demo application before you start. 
  5. Please enter the IP address of your server in the allowed IP addresses box.
    For the notification link, enter the address of your website, followed by: /wc-api/easytransac. Example:
  6. Don't forget to put yourself in real mode to start cashing in