E-commerce : How to create a payment button ?

Find out what an e-commerce payment button is for, how to create it on your Easytransac account and install it on your online sales tools.



  • Log in to your Easytransac interface or create your account
  • On the left menu select E-commerce, then Payment button
  • Create a new button by clicking on the + at the top of the main window.
  • Choose either Real or Demo mode.

⚠️En real mode you will be debited during your tests. Choose the demo mode to perform your tests before publishing your payment button. You can switch to real mode at any time.

  • Then select the type of payment.
  • Indicate the amount of the transaction

👣Case in point: if you are an association that collects free donations.
You can check "Leave amount free."

👣 Use cases e-commerce site: 

Url redirection: in e-commerce it is customary to create a thank you page post purchase. This page has two functions. One function is to reassure the customer, reminding him that his order has been taken into account, the second is a courtesy to thank him. This page is an important element not to be neglected in the purchasing process.

Cancellation url : In e-commerce it is customary to create a cancellation page. This has a function: to reassure the customer on the effective cancellation of his order


👕👕👔🕶️👗Inventory Management:
If you have limited inventory, you can use the feature: Maximum number of payments.

Example: If you sell shirts and only have 12 in stock, write down a maximum of 12 payments.

⚠️Cette functionality is not compatible with fractional payment or subscription


⌚Date limit: this feature is widely used in e-commerce, especially during promotions on a well-defined duration. Its purpose is to inform the customer about the expiration date of the promotion and thus encourage him to make a purchase quickly.

Split payment: 💸💸💸You can offer spread payment to your customers thanks to the 3 times payment feature. This feature is increasingly popular with consumers, especially when paying large amounts. 

Subscription 🏋️🎁 : You can offer the subscription. This feature is commonly used as part of a regular service for a flat fee for a fixed or indefinite period. Do not hesitate to ask for a deposit.


  • Save your changes. Your payment button is now created.
  • You must now integrate it into the online sales tools you have chosen
  • In the main window on the right, click on the blue icon with the small cog wheel ⚙️.
  • Select view link. A window will appear. Click on copy the link and paste it into the URL field.


There are many possibilities, for example: 

  • In a promotional banner
  • When creating Bundle products (Package of products, Mixed products...)
  • During specific or regular events
  • On some social network stores
  • On a dedicated page in your website...
  • On your Google homepage
  • ...

STEP 3 (optional)

Unify your online store and your offline sales.

You want to offer payment by Qr code in store?

Generate my Qr code 

Simply generate the Qr code associated with the e-commerce payment button you just created


In the left side menu, go to E-commerce and select Payment button. On the main page click on the gear wheel and select QR code.


That's it, your Qr code is generated, you can now print it.

💡Prepare an adapted support, an original communication and presentation of the Qr code to optimize your sales and offer an unforgettable experience.

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