What are the different account levels?

Your Easytransac account has several levels depending on the information and documents you provide.

The different levels of account, also called KYC, allow you to benefit from our services in an evolutionary way. This evolution will be done according to the information or documents provided. Each step will allow the user to acquire new advantages.

What is a KYC? Consult the Lexicon >


The first level is the "Demo" where you only have to fill in the registration form without any other information. This level will allow you to test the application only in demo mode. You will not be able to cash in your customers in real life.


The second level, "Basic", is obtained by filling in the "information" part when you register and allows you to acquire the following features: 

Basic level

The third level "Standard" is acquired by providing your documents in addition to the information previously provided. You will get the following benefits: 

niveau de compte standard

*Subject to the complete validation of your file with our payment institution. 




Finally, the fourth and last level "Advanced" will allow you to use all Easytransac services in an unlimited way. You will not have to provide us with any other information. You will only have to enter a code which will be automatically sent to you by post as soon as you have collected 1500€.

niveau de compte avancé