How to understand your transaction information?

Your space has a section only dedicated to your transactions, but multiple details about them are available. This article will explain how to read your transactions efficiently.

1. Where to find your transactions on your Easytransac space?

In order to find your transactions on your space, you will have to go to the Payment > Transactions section. This page will allow you to have a global view of your different transactions. Several filters (see below) are at your disposal to sort your transactions as you wish. 



2. Details of your payment information.

Each transaction line has its own information:

  • The collection method used. (icons)
  • The user who performed the operation 

The user varies only if you have sub-accounts affiliated with your account. In case you don't have any, your company name will appear.
If you click on your company name or the profile that made the transaction. A window with the account details will appear.


  • The identifier of your transaction.

By clicking on this identifier, you will be able to find the various details of the transaction.


  • The amount of your transaction
  • The status of your transaction (successful/failed/pending/refunded)
  • Your client 

You can find your customer's information by clicking on the name displayed.


  • The date and time of the transaction


As said before, you have several filters that allow you to filter your transactions as you wish:

  • By date 
  • By status
  • By type of payment
  • Real or demo mode
  • By other filters (unpaid, recurring payment, scheduled recurring payment, pending debit)
  • You also have a search bar allowing you to launch general or targeted searches. (identifier, order number, customer, amount, seller)


3. The different payment statuses 


Statutes Description
Success  The payment has been made.
On hold A payment request has been created and/or sent, but has not yet been paid.
Failure  The payment attempt failed. The reason for failure is displayed below the status, hover your cursor over the exclamation mark for more details.
Unpaid Your customer has stopped payment or disputed it with his bank.
Refunded The payment was fully refunded.
Partially reimbursed The payment was partially refunded


For more details about payment failures, please read our dedicated article here.


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