How to validate the 3DSecure?

In order to validate your transactions, your customer will have to validate a 3DSecure on his phone. Here is the validation procedure.

If you want to know why it is necessary to validate a 3DSecure for each transaction. You can find our article on PSD2 by clicking here

In order to validate a transaction on Easytransac, it is mandatory for the customer to validate his 3DSecure authentication on his banking application or by a link coming from his bank by sms.

Once you have set the transaction amount and entered your customer's information on the Easytransac application, a page requesting customer authentication through 3DSecure will appear on the application.

This page is generated according to the customer's bank so it may be different from one transaction to another.


3ds lcl validation  3ds client 1 validation


The customer must then validate the transaction directly on his banking application or by clicking on the link received by sms. 

It is possible that there is a second step with a last validation request depending on the bank. It is therefore important that the customer does not leave his banking application before the 3DSecure has fully validated the transaction (which should normally validate the transaction on the application).

 3ds client validation    Image1