How do I delete my account?

Guide to deleting your Easytransac account.

You may need to delete your Easytransac account for various reasons. We will therefore see together the procedure for deleting an Easytransac account.


Here are the different steps required to delete your account:


Log in to your Easytransac space and go to My Account > My Settings.

2022-04-20 (6)


Go to the "security" section and scroll down the page to find the "delete all my data" button. Before deleting your account you also have the possibility to get an archive of your data.

2022-04-20 (7)

All you have to do is confirm the deletion of your account so that all your account data is deleted. After deleting your account, you will be redirected to the Easytransac login page.

2022-04-20 (8)