How to register on Easytransac?

Creating an account : The key steps! Information, documents, validation

In this article, we will see all the necessary steps to create an Easytransac account.


The first step, when you are on the Easytransac website, is to click on the register button then you will arrive on a form to fill in with your information as on the image below.

2022-03-30 (7)


Once you have filled in this information, you must accept the Easytransac GTC.

2022-03-30 (8)


When you have accepted the TOS, you will receive an email like this one giving you your secret code in order to connect to your account.

2022-03-30 (9)

2022-03-30 (10)


By clicking on the "next" button, you will arrive on a page allowing you to enter your secret code.

2022-03-30 (11)


Your secret code entered your account is activated. From this point on, you can fill in the rest of your information and documents whenever you want. 

Here you are at step 2 on a new form composed of 4 sub-steps concerning your information and that of your company. Most of this information will be pre-filled with the answers given on the first form.

For this form, the information requested is the country of domicile of the company and the SIRET number (which can be given later within 45 days).

2022-03-31 (1)


The second form concerns the address of your company. The information requested will be the number and street of your company, its postal code and the city in which you are located. 

2022-03-30 (14)


The third form will concern your activity. We ask you for a brief description of your activity, a certificate on the honor that you do not practice one of the activities prohibited by Easytransac (list available), your projected volume and your website if you have one.

2022-03-30 (15)


The last step in our collection of information about you concerns your banking information. We will ask you for your IBAN, with the possibility to fill it in later (45 days max), and the behavior of your transfers between your easytransac account and your bank account. If you choose a behavior of automatic transfer, you will be invited to choose the frequency of these transfers.

2022-03-30 (16)


The last step will concern your documents. It is possible that according to the information given previously some documents are already pre-registered. The documents requested may vary depending on the status of your company/association. In this example, we will base ourselves in the case of a company.

Accepted formats are : PDF, PNG, JPG

2022-03-30 (17)


Doc 1 (first proof of identity): valid front and back identity card or valid passport.

2022-03-30 (18)


Doc 2 (second proof of activity): passport (if you have not already given it as a first document), driving license, residence permit, health insurance card (front and back), tax notice for the current year.

2022-03-30 (19)


Doc 3 (RIB): RIB containing the logo of your bank, no joint account.

2022-03-30 (20)


Doc 4: extract of KBIS of less than 3 months with an activity identical to the one provided at registration.

2022-03-30 (21)


Doc 5 : last signed and initialed statutes (provide all the pages, if you can't transmit everything, you can send an email to

2022-03-30 (22)


Doc 6: declaration of economic shareholders (if your company has another shareholder with more than 25%, you must provide a front/back ID of this shareholder).

2022-03-30 (23)


Finally, when all your information and documents are provided to us. There will be a final verification by our teams and when your account will be validated, you will be able to cash in unlimited without any limitation.