How to become an administrator and generate sub-accounts?

Guide to upgrade your account to administrator and generate sub-accounts for your collaborators.

Easytransac allows its users to operate as a company and thus to have administrator accounts allowing to create sub-accounts and to follow their activity.

Today, we will see together how to switch your Easytransac account to administrator mode and the different methods to generate sub-accounts.


Switch your Easytransac account to administrator mode :

The only way to switch your account to administrator mode is to contact us by making a written request by clicking here.


How to generate sub-accounts? 

In order to generate your sub-accounts you will have to go to the administration section (only available in administrator mode) >Accounts. Then click on "add an account".



You will arrive on the following page offering 2 methods of adding. The first one allows you to send an invitation link by email and the second one allows you to manually create the sub-account of your collaborator by entering his information.

2022-04-19 (1)

2022-04-19 (3)

If your number of collaborators is very high and makes the two previous steps too restrictive, it is possible to create an affiliate link that you can share on a large scale by contacting us here.


Finally, when your sub-accounts are created, they will appear in the Administration>Accounts section.

2022-04-19 (4)


By clicking on the "All transactions" button, you will be able to check the activity of the sub-accounts in general and in detail (choose a specific sub-account, choose a single type of transaction).

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