How to integrate Easytransac with the API?

Learn about the options available with the Easytransac API. How to implement it for your business model.

What is an API?

An API is an application programming interface (often referred to as API). It is a standardized set of classes, methods or functions that serve as a front-end through which software offers services to other software, mobile applications or websites. With our API you can use our payment services from your website, mobile application or software.


💡To help you integrate our API into your PHP project,


👍Pay from your own mobile app securely!

Android / iOS SDK


😍Provide a unified payment experience and integrate multiple payment gateways very simply and without additional effort



What options are available?

API Payments :

  • 3DSecure
  • Payment in 2 and 3 times
  • Subscription management
  • Generation of payment pages
  • Credit card imprint
  • Partial or full refund
  • Card payment
  • Payment in 1 click
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Transfer (Pay by Bank)
  • Payment page
  • Cancel payment page
  • Resend payment page
  • P2P Transfer
  • Status
  • Capture
  • Cancellation
  • List of cards
  • History
  • Payment requests
  • Card information

User APIs: 

  • Add a merchant
  • Update a merchant
  • Search for a merchant
  • List the movements
  • Make a transfer
  • List transfers
  • Add a logo
  • Recovering the activity
  • Update the activity

API documents :

  • Add a document
  • Retrieve a document
  • List the documents

API Interact

How to integrate an API?

To use theEasyTransac API, you must have a website, application, or software that will communicate with our services, and a developer who understands and can integrate with this API.

To access our API documentation, click here.