How does the e-commerce back-office work?

General presentation of the functionalities and e-commerce management on the Easytransac back-office


In the E-commerce tab on the left sidebar you can manage : 

Payment buttons: You can create specific payment links during sales or special offers or when creating Bundle products on your ecommerce site.

  • The demo mode : allows you to test the functionality of the link before putting it into production. This step is highly recommended.
  • Once the payment test has been successfully completed, you can switch to Real Money mode.
  • Product Description: Provide a clear and concise description of the product being sold.
  • Amount: Indicate the price, if the amount is free check the box.
  • Redirect URL:  

payment-ecommerce links


Your applications : 

E-commerce modules : Find all our Plug&play modules to download, as well as a documentation on the installation of the API.