How to collect by bank transfer (Pay By Bank)

Demo of the collection by bank transfer (pay by bank) on the Easytransac mobile application

The Easytransac mobile application offers you several methods of payment. Today, we will focus on the method of collection by bank transfer (Pay by bank).

The Pay by Bank solution allows your customers to make direct payments using their own online banking details.


Step 1: Login to your Easytransac application and enter your amount. Select the payment by transfer among the 3 available methods.

IMG_8894      IMG_8895      IMG_8994  


Step 2: Fill in your customer's information, then validate the sending.

IMG_8995      IMG_8996      IMG_8997


Once your payment has been sent, you can find it in the remote payments section as well as in the transactions section once your customer has paid you.


Example of the customer experience when paying by bank transfer: 


Step 1: Your customer clicks on the payment link you sent him by email or sms and then clicks on "choose my bank". 2022-04-05 (7)


Step 2: Your client chooses a bank from among those available.

2022-04-05 (8)


Step 3: A payment validation page will open to confirm the amount and the beneficiary of the transaction. We take the example of Credit Mutuel, but each bank may have its own process. 

2022-04-05 (9) (1)


Step 4: log in to your banking space, choose the account to be debited and validate the transaction from your banking application. If the customer performs the transaction on his mobile application, this step will be automated.

2022-04-05 (10) (1)

2022-04-05 (14)

2022-04-05 (12) (1)


Step 5: The transfer is validated.

2022-04-05 (13)


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