How to create an E-commerce application

In order to integrate our solution, it is necessary to create an e-commerce application on your Easytransac space.

Creating an application is a mandatory part of any e-commerce process, whether you use the API or a CMS module.

To create an application, go to the E-commerce section of your customer area. An API key will be given to you and must be used on your site to authenticate yourself.

We strongly advise you to first create an application in demo mode in order to test it before putting it into production.

In order to switch your application from test to demo mode more easily, you can duplicate it by going to the application settings. Then switch from demo to live. For your application to be operational in live mode, it is necessary to have it validated by our compliance department beforehand.

To do this, you can request it directly from the Application area of your account, via the menu at the end of the line.

You will be notified by e-mail when it is validated or refused.