How do I change the status of my company?

Procedure to follow when changing the status of a company

It may happen that during its development your company has to change its status.
If you are in this case, the procedure to follow is the following:


Step 1: Create a new Easytransac account.

To recreate an account, simply go to our website by clicking here.

Then you must fill in the form with your information. Attention: the email address used during your first registration will not be usable as is. To be able to receive emails related to this Easytransac account on your professional email address, you will just have to retype your professional email and add +1 before the @ as on the attached example.


Step 2: Provide the necessary documents for your new status in order to validate your new account.


Then fill in the rest of the information about your company in the 4 sections as when you created your first account:

  • Manager/company
  • Company address
  • Company's activity
  • Banking information

For more details about registration you can read our dedicated article by clicking here.


The last step is to file your documents. In the example below, the documents requested are those for a company. The documents may be different depending on the status of the company.


Step 3: Send all funds from your first account to your business account.

Go to Accounting>Transfers>Request a Transfer, then transfer the remaining funds only when your second account is validated. Make sure your first account has no more money coming in.

Step 4: Delete your first account.

Finally, when your new account is up and running and you have transferred your funds to it. Go to your old account under My Account>My Settings>Security, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Delete All My Data" button.