How to use the direct debit authorization?

Demo of the collection using the direct debit authorization on your Easytransac space.

Your Easytransac space offers you several payment options in addition to the different collection methods available. Today, we will focus on the direct debit authorization 

The direct debit authorization allows you to authorize a customer's direct debit without transaction fees for a maximum of 6 days. During this period, the transaction will be kept on your Easytransac account and can be totally or partially debited (which will generate transaction fees) or cancelled* at any time. If after 6 days you have neither cashed out nor cancelled, the transaction is cancelled.


* By cancelling a direct debit authorization, the funds reserved on your client's account will be released in full, but a commission fee will still be applied to your account. This amount will then be deducted from your next collected transactions.


Step 1: Log in to your Easytransac space and go to the Payments > Collection section. Choose to collect by credit card and check the "Direct debit authorization" option.

Step 2: Set your direct debit authorization amount and fill in your customer information.



Step 3: Next, set the date you want your direct debit authorization to be sent.


Your customer must validate a 3DSecure via his banking application or a code received by sms at the time of authorization.


Step 4: Then find the direct debit authorization request in the "Remote Payments" section. Once the transaction has been accepted by your customer, it will appear on your transaction page as "authorized".




Step 5: During 6 days you have the possibility to cancel or finalize this payment at any time from the transaction page. It is possible to partially debit the customer.


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