How to use the subscription?

Demo of the collection using the subscription on the Easytransac mobile application.

The Easytransac mobile application offers you several payment options in addition to the different collection methods available. Today, we will focus on the subscription.


Step 1: Login to the Easytransac application.

Step 2: Click on "Touch to cash" and then choose the amount of the transaction.

            IMG_8894       IMG_8895


Step 3: Choose your method of payment and check the subscription. 

Here we will use the payment method via email payment link, but subscription is available for all payment methods.



Step 4: Choose the periodicity on which you want to base your subscription and define your down payment.

The deposit represents only the first payment of your subscription. You can enter an amount different from your subscription amount in the case of a special offer for example. If you do not have an offer, you must enter the amount you wish to collect at each payment date.



Step 5: Complete your client's information.

You have the possibility to take information from your previous transactions or from your contacts by clicking on "choose a contact".



Step 6: Validate the summary of the transaction.



Step 7: Confirm the sending of your payment.

Whether you have used a face-to-face collection method or a payment link, your customer must validate a 3DSecure via their banking application or via a code received by SMS at the time of payment (only for payment n°1).