How to create a subscription on your Easytransac space?

Demo of the creation of a subscription on your Easytransac space.

Your Easytransac space offers you several payment options in addition to the different collection methods available. Today, we will focus on the subscription.


Step 1: Log in to your Easytransac space. Then go to the Payment>Collect section. Select the payment by credit card.


Step 2: enter the amount of your subscription and then check the "subscription" box in the options. Choose the periodicity as well as the desired deposit. Then fill in the information of your customer.

The deposit represents only the first payment of your subscription. You can enter an amount different from your subscription amount in the case of a special offer for example. If you do not have an offer, you must enter the amount you wish to collect at each payment date.



Step 3: Choose your method of sending the payment link and set its sending date.



Step 3: Once the payment has been sent, you will be able to view it in the Payment>Remote Payments section. Once the transaction is completed, it will appear in the "Transactions" section.

Your customer must validate a 3DSecure via his banking application or a code received by sms at the time of the payment (only for the payment n°1).



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